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3 Vital Benefits of Lakeside Compact Enclosed Case Carts

Case carts play a vital role in the OR by ensuring equipment and supplies remain sterile before and during a procedure. With various types of case carts on the market,
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The Right Cart for the Right Job: Your Durability Index Guide

Selecting the Right Utility Cart Using the Durability Index Utility carts play an essential role in the daily routines of all major healthcare facilities. They are used to store and
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What to Look for in a Medical Instrument Table

Medical instrument tables are an integral part of any healthcare provider’s facility-- they provide a safe and secure surface to store and organize necessary equipment, ensuring that practitioners can quickly
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The Importance of Communication in Pediatric Care

Pediatric care offers different challenges for healthcare providers that are not necessarily present when providing care for adults. Whether a child is receiving a vaccine or undergoing a surgery it
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choosing a utility stand

How to Choose the Right Utility Stand for Your Equipment

In order to make sure you’re storing your equipment properly, it’s important to find the right utility stand for your specific equipment needs. Some stands are designed to provide more
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mobile medical equipment

Why is Mobility so Important for Medical Equipment?

“Frontline workers need to be more efficient, and to do this they need equipment that is designed to help them,” said Brian Hazelwood in Healthcare Purchasing News’ recent article. Having
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