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Improve Medical Cart Functionality with these Accessories

Medical carts house a vast variety of equipment, medications, and supplies within their four walls. Drawers are organized and filled with the right items for the specific carts’ needs whether
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5 Steps to Designing Your Perfect Rolling Medical Cart

Just 5 steps, and you have designed the perfect medical cart for your healthcare facility! Designing a medical cart can be a task that takes a considerable amount of time
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3 Reasons Why People Choose Our Most Popular Emergency Crash Cart

Emergency crash carts play a vital role in all healthcare facilities, but choosing the right medical cart for such emergencies can take lots of time and thought to ensure your
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No Need to Crash and Burn, Choose the Right Crash Cart

Finding yourself in any situation where you do not feel 100% prepared is never how we want things to be, especially when it comes to caring for patients. Crashing and
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How to Efficiently Use a Crash Cart

Crash carts are an essential and life-saving piece of equipment for healthcare facilities. When a patient is experiencing a medical emergency, healthcare workers need to be able to provide critical
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What to Know About the Multifunctionality of Utility Carts

If you work in the healthcare industry, heavy-duty utility carts are a great way to transport a wide variety of equipment, supplies, and are a safe storage space. Regardless of
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