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How does Central Supply Functionality Affect Patient Experience

It is well known that the healthcare field has been experiencing some challenges lately, but this does not mean that patients expect less of an experience during their time at
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What Utility Cart is Best for Your Healthcare Facility?

When trying to determine which utility cart is best for your healthcare facility, there are a few simple guidelines that can help make the decision easier. At clinics, hospitals, and
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Why are Ergonomics Important in Healthcare?

When you walk into a healthcare facility, you will be sure to see healthcare workers quickly moving from one task to the next. With the fast pace environment of healthcare
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Improving Employee Morale at Your Healthcare Facility

It is well known that the healthcare field has been experiencing low levels of employee retention. While there are less employees coming in to work each day, the same amount
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Everything You Need to Know About Crash Carts

Crash carts are used in hospitals and other healthcare facilities where there may be a sudden medical emergency. They carry essential medical supplies that are used to save lives and
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The Best of Utility Carts

Utility carts are used in many different industries to transport equipment and supplies around facilities, and they are especially useful in hospitals. Although utility carts may seem like they are
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