A History of Quality

Mobile transport solutions to serve the full continuum of care

With over 70 years of experience, we offer a diverse product line that safely transports, stores, and organizes essential medical equipment.  Healthcare in and out of the hospital setting is a dynamic, fast paced industry.  At Lakeside, we stay in tune with industry trends and our customers’ unique needs through continuous innovation and creative engineering.  We manufacture right here in the USA, utilizing safe manufacturing processes and reducing our global footprint.

Our Leadership & Approach

Our mission is to create an agile organization with a can-do attitude that is easy and enjoyable to do business with. 

We do this by listening to our customers and creating a cooperative atmosphere.  We are innovators and always strive to engineer solutions that exceed expectations.

Our Commitment to Innovation

We at Lakeside are customer focused, information driven, and dedicated to continuous improvement.

Lakeside understands that the healthcare industry requires unique equipment needs.  We offer custom designed products special for your unique project or modified versions of existing products.