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2021 Round Up: Everything You Need to Know About Crash Carts

Crash carts are used in hospitals and other healthcare facilities where there may be a sudden medical emergency. They carry essential medical supplies that are used to save lives and designed to get these supplies where they need to be and distribute them as efficiently as possible. Most crash carts feature a similar design which allows staff to recognize the cart and know exactly where the supplies they need t are located. Crash carts play a crucial role in healthcare facilities all over the world, here’s some of the blogs from 2021 that highlight this lifesaving piece of equipment:

1. Crash Course on Crash Carts

Crash carts are super useful for medical professionals that must deal with sudden health declines, because they contain all the supplies needed to treat patients in these situations. Most crash carts are very similar in design and contents so that staff are confident that they have everything that they need in a common place. In general working in healthcare is extremely stressful, but crash carts help take some of that stress away when it comes to gathering supplies. This allows the workers to focus their energy on the patient and treat them immediately without having to worry about having the right supplies and equipment.

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2. Classic Crash Carts: The Solution for Health Emergencies

Out of all our crash carts, the classic line is a favorite among our customers. The classic line has four different size options available, allowing your facility to get exactly what it needs. Although they differ in size, all the Classic Crash Carts share some great features including breakaway locks, twin ergonomic push handles, 5” sealed bearing, non-marking casters, and different options for the finish and color. In addition to the features that come standard with these crash carts, there are three different accessory packages to round out your cart!

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2021 Round Up: The Best of Utility Carts

Utility carts are used in many different industries to transport equipment and supplies around facilities, and they are especially useful in hospitals. Although utility carts may seem like they are all similar, there are many different styles and models that can be utilized in healthcare facilities. Utility carts are used primarily for transporting supplies but can come in handy in other ways as well, such as doubling as a work surface or storage space. Here are the healthcare blogs from 2020 that highlight the importance of utility carts in hospitals:

1. Getting By with a Small Budget: How to Use One Cart in Multiple Ways

One of the first products manufactured by Lakeside was the 311 Utility Cart. Today, it is still a staple of our products and a favorite among our customers for good reasons. The 311 can be used to store and transport supplies of up to 300lbs. at a time, and its solid stainless steel construction ensures that it will last for many years. The 311 also comes in very handy for extra work surface or prep areas in healthcare facilities that do not have a lot of extra space.

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2. Saving Space at Your Healthcare Facility 

Healthcare facilities come in many different sizes, but one thing most facilities can agree on is the need for more space. Being able to spread out supplies and equipment helps everything stay neat and organized, but as hospitals get filled up with supplies and staff, space starts to run out. Since renovation and construction of new spaces can be extremely expensive and take a long time, the best way to gain space is to use what you have more efficiently. There are many versatile Lakeside products that can help your facility utilize its space more effectively, including our innovative utility carts!

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3. Best Equipment for Pharma and Medical Clean Rooms

Cleanrooms are specialized rooms designed to ensure that there are minimal contaminants in the air and on the equipment. These rooms are used in various industries including multiple medical fields such as pharmaceuticals. Due to the extreme cleanliness standards, most equipment must be designed to be very easy to sanitize and remain so for extended periods of time. Stainless steel is one of the best materials for easy cleaning protocols and has some innate properties which allow it to remain clean. Lakeside uses stainless steel to manufacture many different types of equipment, but stainless steel utility carts can be very useful for storage and transporting supplies around cleanrooms.

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4. The Top 5 Equipment Essentials for Vaccination Stations

When the COVID pandemic first emerged, many healthcare facilities had to rush to find solutions to treat patients with the highly infectious virus. Now that there are multiple vaccines for COVID, facilities are finding innovative ways to administer the vaccine to patients. To set up vaccination stations capable of vaccinating as many people as possible efficiently, some good quality equipment is necessary. Lakeside has various products that can be used to help set up vaccination stations including many different types of utility carts, some of which can even be used on uneven and rough surfaces for outdoors vaccination tents.

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5. The Right Cart for the Right Job: Your Durability Index Guide

Utility carts are crucial for hospitals to transport supplies around their facilities. Utility carts can vary in size and strength, which is why Lakeside categorizes them using a durability index. The durability index takes a few different factors into account including capacity, ideal working environment and tasks, ideal floor surfaces to be used on, and ideal daily usage amount. The three main categories of utility carts are standard duty, medium duty, and heavy duty, and some carts go above these classes with extremely high capacities.

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2021 Round Up: Essential Case Cart Reads

Case Carts are used in hospitals to transport supplies across the facility. The main area where they are used is in transporting surgical instruments and supplies to and from the OR. Although it seems like their main function may be basic, case carts are extremely important in making sure that a hospital runs smoothly and efficiently. They save staff tons of hassle and stress and provide a simple way to transport these crucial surgical packs to the areas where they are needed. Here are some of the blogs from 2021 that highlight case carts!

1. Shelving Options: What's Best When It Comes to Case Carts?

You may think that case carts are standard across the board, but there’s many factors that set them apart from each other. One large differentiator between closed case carts is the type of shelving that is used inside of them. Lakeside Manufacturing offers the choice of stainless steel, perforated stainless steel, or wire racks for the shelving on closed case carts. All these shelving options have their own benefits.

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2. Best Equipment for Pharma and Medical Clean Rooms

Cleanrooms are used in many different industries including Pharmaceutical and Healthcare. These special rooms have extreme requirements for air quality and cleanliness, which means that the equipment used in these rooms must be on par with their standards. Lakeside manufactures various types of equipment that meet the regulatory standards and add value in these environments, including our closed case carts. In addition to our standard products, Lakeside Custom Solutions can engineer the perfect equipment to ensure the cleanliness in cleanrooms.

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3. How to Save Space in your Hospital

Something that a lot of hospitals have in common is the need or desire for more space. However, it’s extremely expensive to renovate a healthcare facility, and any delays to providing care for patients will add up quickly. Rather than renovate, hospitals should look to use the space they already have more efficiently. One way to utilize space better is to invest in versatile equipment like Lakeside’s case carts, which can be used in multiple ways and come in various sizes.

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4. Are You Missing These Essential Elements in Your Case Cart?

No hospital is the same as another, so why should they have the same equipment? Case carts come standard with many different features, but do your case carts have all the essentials? In this blog, we explore the different features of Lakeside’s case carts and how they make a classic design last in today’s healthcare environment. Case carts are very important to ensure that hospitals run smoothly, so you should make sure that you make the most of these valuable carts.

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5. Open or Closed Case Carts - What's Best for Your Facility?

The two main types of case carts are open style and closed style. Both types of case carts have their own benefits and can add value to a healthcare facility in different ways. Closed case carts provide an extra level of security for the surgical supplies that they transport, while open case carts provide extra visibility while moving supplies from one area to another. In this blog, we break down the various benefits to help you decide which type of case cart will be the most valuable for you.

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2021 Round Up: Essentials of Procedure and Supply Carts

2021 was a difficult year for hospitals and healthcare facilities. They had to try their best to get back to normal and continue with scheduled meetings and operations, while still dealing with the COVID pandemic. Throughout the year there were ups and downs, but one thing that flourished in the chaotic environment was versatile healthcare equipment. Good equipment in the healthcare industry saves time, money, and hassle for healthcare workers who have already been put under immense stress from the pandemic. Here are the highlights of out healthcare blogs which feature procedure and supply carts!

1. How much can upgraded equipment really improve a facility?

Replacing or upgrading the equipment in a healthcare facility is a large task to take on. Many hospitals avoid upgrading because they don’t see immediate issues with the equipment they are using. Even if the older equipment that they have is still functional, upgrading to newer, more versatile equipment could improve the workflow and overall efficiency of the facility immediately upon its implementation. The Lakeside Preferred Medical Carts are an innovative product that can improve staff efficiency and will lead to time and money savings in the long run.

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2. Specialization in Medical Organizations

Healthcare facilities have a huge number of things to keep in order from managing supplies to maintaining patient meeting times. Because of this, a common issue in hospitals in organization. There are many ways to improve the organization in healthcare facilities and one simple way to do so is by implementing Preciso Medical and Logistics Carts into your facility. The Preciso cart system is designed with organization and efficiency in the top of mind and can improve the way that a facility works.

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3. The Gold Standard of Care: Preciso

In order for hospitals and other healthcare facilities to run smoothly, they need to have the right equipment that allows them to function at peak efficiency. This is exactly what the Preciso line is designed to do; improve efficiency and save time for your staff. The Preciso system is more than just medical and logistics carts, it’s a hospital-wide lean replenishment system designed to improve efficiency and productivity.

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4. The Top Equipment Essentials for Vaccination Stations

To combat the spread of COVID-19, many hospitals had to set up vaccination stations in order to administer vaccines to the public in a timely and organized manner. There were many equipment needs to ensure that these stations were disinfected, organized, and efficient. One piece of equipment that came in very handy for these facilities is PPE Storage Carts. With the increased awareness about the importance of PPE, facilities needed to be able to store large amounts of it and have it in the areas that needed it most, one of which is vaccination stations.

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5. Anatomy of an Anesthesia Cart: Top Doctor-Requested Features

Anesthesia is a crucial part of good healthcare, and in many instances, hospitals don’t have an abundance of time to gather all the necessary supplies to use anesthesia for a patient. This is why anesthesia carts are so important for healthcare facilities to have ready to go with all of the supplies. There are a lot of different types of anesthesia carts on the market, so how do you know which cart is right for your facility?

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Open or Closed Case Carts: What is Best for your Facility?

Enclosed carts provide security, both for sterile and contaminated contaminated contents, while open frame models offer reduced weight and greater visibility.

Case carts play an extremely important role in the workflow of healthcare facilities everywhere. They are primarily used to transport surgical instruments to and from the OR in hospitals, but they can add value in various other ways depending on the model implemented in your facility. On the market, there are many different types of case carts available, but the two primary options to choose from are an open or closed style. What are the differences between these styles and what will be more useful for your facility?

Open Case Carts:

Open case carts are designed with easy access to surgical instruments and supplies in mind. Lakeside Manufacturing designs open case carts in a variety of sizes, ranging from small at 38 ½” x 28 ¾” x 38 ½” (WxLxH) to extra large at 52 ½” x 27 ½” x 61 ½” (WxLxH). The small sizes can accommodate up to 5 shelves, while the extra large can fit up to 9. The medium and large sizes fit in between, and the best option for size really depends on your facility’s needs. If you find staff frequently making trips between central supply and the OR, then the large or extra large may be a better option, but if you don’t transport supplies as often, or not in large quantities, then the small or medium size could fit better in your facility.

When it comes to shelving, Lakeside Manufacturing offers a few different options. First, all our Open Case Carts have highly configurable shelving options so that you can ensure your cart will be able to store and transport the right amount of supplies for your facility. We offer three different types of shelving to choose from for these carts: stainless steel, stainless steel with dividers, and wire shelves. Depending on what you are looking to get out of your case carts, all of these are good options. Stainless steel is a great choice if you want sturdy shelving that can support heavy loads. The stainless steel with dividers adds easy organization of supplies and surgical instruments. The wire shelving is a more lightweight option that still has plenty of strength and durability to hold supplies. Additionally, many of our carts use a combination of the shelving options for added versatility.

Open case carts are a great option for hospitals and other healthcare facilities with an OR. Open case carts are much lighter than closed case carts, which makes them easier to maneuver around a facility to and from the OR. The open design also allows for added visibility which can be helpful for some staff that struggle transporting the heavier closed case carts. The open design also makes it very clear where all the supplies are and allows for very quick unloading of surgical instrument packs.

Closed Case Carts:

Closed case carts are designed with maximum protection of the contents in mind. Surgical instruments must be kept in a way that ensures they are sanitized and ready to go when an operation is needed. Case carts are the perfect solution for ensuring clean surgical instruments won’t be contaminated on their way to the OR, and closed case carts add an extra level of protection for the supplies compared to the open style. Lakeside Manufacturing has various sizes and styles of closed case carts that are offered standard. These styles include one-door and two-door designs, and either come in 39” or 54” heights.

Lakeside’s closed case carts are available with three different shelving options, that all have their various benefits. The stainless steel shelves are a staple in our case carts with top-of-the-line strength and durability, as well as easy sanitation practices. Another option is the perforated stainless steel shelf, which has the added benefit of extra airflow inside the carts, making them dry faster as well as preventing the settling of dust and debris inside the carts even if they are in storage for periods of time. Lastly, the wire shelves are another option that allows for the most possible airflow and prevents the settling of dust even more while still having the strength and durability needed to transport surgical instruments to and from the OR.

Although they may be heavier than the open style, Lakeside’s closed case carts are still highly maneuverable in a healthcare facility and add versatility. The closed case carts design allows for the top to be used as added workspace in the OR, or in central supply where they will be loaded. The closed style also adds extra protection against contamination for the supplies and surgical instruments during transportation to the OR, ensuring that they are ready to be used in an operation. This extra protection also works in the reverse way, by ensuring that surgical instruments that have been used and contaminated won’t spread their germs and bacteria to any other areas of the hospital. Additionally, If these carts are going to be moved throughout any areas of the facility where there may be curious patients, the closed design will ensure that they won’t see any bloodies supplies, which is always a good idea to not turn patients off from the facility.

Case carts are extremely important to maintain the workflow and improve efficiency in healthcare facilities with an operating room. There are many different options available, which is why Lakeside will work with you to ensure that you get the perfect solutions for your facility! Even if none of our standard case carts are the right fit for your hospital, then we will work together to custom design and build a solution that will add the most value for your facility! Get in touch with us, and let’s talk case carts!

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The Top Caster Types for your Medical Carts

Mobile equipment is crucial to the efficiency of healthcare facilities by moving around supplies to the places they need to be. Medical carts, utility carts, and case carts are all very common in hospitals because they make it easier for staff to move around essential supplies, whether it is heavy equipment or medications, carts will get the supplies to their destinations more effectively. At the end of the day, mobile healthcare equipment is only as good as the casters that it is built upon to transport it throughout a facility.

Lakeside understands the importance of good quality casters that are built to last, as they are the foundation for many mobile product solutions. Two of the most important design elements that make or break a cart’s durability are the caster size and wheel material. Lakeside uses a variety of casters for our carts to best fit their specific applications. Let’s take a closer look at some of the casters that we use on our carts.

8" Diameter Wheel, Axle Mount:

These casters are built for long distance transport and designed for heavy equipment and loads. These casters are non-swivel allowing them to support more weight and last longer than swivel casters. These casters are best fit for transporting equipment and supplies over tile, hard flooring, carpet, elevators, door sills, and even uneven surfaces. We utilize these durable casters on our heavy-duty and extreme-duty utility carts.

Round TPR Cushion Tread, Plate Mount:

Our Round Thermo-Plastic Rubber casters provide extra cushion during transport making it very smooth to move around facilities. These casters are typically an all-swivel design which makes the carts they are used on super easy to maneuver. We recommend these casters for use in hospitals and senior care facilities. They work best when used on tile, hard surfaces, thin carpet, and can work on uneven surfaces as well. We use these casters on some models of heavy-duty utility carts.

Hi-Temp Nylon, Plate Mount:

This specialized caster is specially designed to withstand high temperature environments up to 400° F. These casters perform the best on tile and other hard surfaces, and you will find them on our heavy-duty and extreme-duty utility carts.

Pneumatic, Rubber Grated Tread Wheel:

This heavy-duty caster and wheel are designed to withstand any surface that it may be transported over. These casters are perfect for environments where transporting equipment and supplies over uneven surfaces is necessary. These casters are great for hospitals and have been especially useful throughout the pandemic for medical facilities that set up outdoors clinics and COVID tents. These casters can perform well on most surfaces but excel on uneven and rough surfaces including outdoors. Lakeside utilizes these casters on our Extreme-Duty Utility Carts.

Braking, Swivel-Lock, Plate Mount:

The swivel-lock feature in these casters makes them perfect for transporting supplies over long distances. The braking feature also allows for the carts that utilize these casters to remain sturdy in place while supplies are unloaded and enables the cart to function as added work surface. These casters perform best on tile, thin carpet, and other hard surfaces. These casters are utilized primarily on our heavy-duty carts.

Corner Stem-Mount, Hard Rubber Wheel:

The corner stem-mount caster is made to provide upright stability for tall equipment. The slim profile also allows for the equipment that use them to be maneuvered into tight spaces. These casters work best on hard surfaces and are utilized for taller carts and mobile equipment.

In addition to the highlighted casters, Lakeside uses a lot of different high-quality casters on all our mobile healthcare equipment. Many of our medical carts use 5” swivel casters with two locking and one directional for added functionality. We look at all the different options and utilize the casters that help our equipment perform the best it can for its specific application while adding versatility to the equipment at the same time.

Get in touch with us to learn more about the premium casters that we use, and how it can improve the functionality of your mobile medical equipment!

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Life-Saving Benefits of Standardizing Pediatric Crash Carts

Pediatric crash carts are a vital piece of equipment for the safety of young patients in hospitals, emergency rooms, urgent care centers, and any other facility that may have to deal with a rapid health deterioration. Crash carts hold all of the supplies necessary to treat a patient in an emergency situation. For crash carts to truly be effective, they must be organized, standardized across the facility, and frequently stocked and checked to ensure all the supplies are readily available. Standardizing the pediatric crash carts at a healthcare facility has immense benefits and can lead to saving the life of a young patient in a health emergency.

What is Standardization?

To put it simply, standardization means reducing unnecessary variation in a process. In the healthcare setting there are many different processes that can be standardized to improve the overall efficiency of a facility. For example, exam rooms are a great case study for the benefits of standardization in healthcare. Some older practices give each physician their own exam room and allow them to set it up how they like. Traditionally, this hasn’t been a huge issue, but healthcare is more in demand nowadays, and the need for efficiency has increased. Therefore, standardizing all the exam rooms and setting them up in the same layout with the exact same supplies creates flexibility for who works in which space. This allows for extra efficiency because a doctor can work in any of the rooms that are not occupied, rather than having to wait for their specific room. This makes it possible to see more patients in a shorter amount of time and creates better overall efficiency of care.

The same principal applies to standardizing crash carts. When a medical emergency arises, there is no time to spare. Staff must be able to get all the necessary supplies to save a life in the shortest amount of time possible. Standardizing a facility’s crash carts is the best way to save time in these high-stress situations and therefore becomes the best way to save a patient’s life. Every cart should be set up and stocked in the same way, as well as frequently checked to ensure all the supplies are ready to go.

How to Properly Standardize Crash Carts

Crash carts are designed to contain all the supplies needed to treat a patient who experiences a sudden medical emergency. They are also designed to allow the staff to be able to understand exactly where the supplies or medications they need will be. Many crash carts, especially pediatric crash carts use a color system to divide the supplies in an organized and easy to understand way. Lakeside’s Pediatric Crash Cart uses this color system to make things easier on healthcare staff and allow them to focus on the patient rather than finding the right supplies.

Crash carts should be standardized across a facility, meaning that they should all be set up with the same supplies and equipment and organized in the same way. The color-coding system makes this easy to do. In addition to ensuring that all the supplies are in the right spot, staff should be trained on the carts so that they know them like the back of their hand. This allows them to focus their energy on the patient and not have to think twice about finding the supplies or equipment that they need in the moment.

What are the Benefits of Standardizing Crash Carts?

Standardizing crash carts has various benefits but the most noticeable is the improved efficiency that it creates for a healthcare facility. Emergencies can be taken care of more smoothly when all the supplies are in the correct spots. Sudden medical emergencies are inherently very stressful situations but having a well-organized and stocked crash cart will help take some of the stress out of the equation. Patients are always the first priority and having a crash cart ready to go at all times allows staff to truly focus all of their energy on the patient. Rather than wasting critical time looking for the supplies in the case of an emergency, staff can spend that time treating the patient and using those supplies that are already prepared for them

During a medical emergency there is no time to waste and crash carts save this valuable time. A study was conducted by the University of Kentucky to examine if well-stocked crash carts along with well-trained staff convert into time savings. The conclusions that they reached were that standardizing crash cart design greatly reduced the time to find supplies in these high-stress, high-risk situations. Additionally, the study found that this was accomplished with reduced financial cost. It is noted that refresher training was required over time as skill degradation did occur with the staff. It’s always a smart idea to have regular refresher training sessions with staff in order to curb the stress levels as much as possible in an emergency. The full parameters for the study can be found here.

To put it in simple terms, standardization works. Standardizing pediatric crash carts is especially important for facilities and can potentially save a life that could’ve otherwise been lost due to lost time spent looking for supplies.


Lakeside understands the importance of standardized equipment in healthcare facilities and will work with you to help accomplish this goal. Check out our full line of crash carts, and get in touch with us to figure out how we can improve your facility’s efficiency through the standardization of mobile equipment!

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Must Have Features in Narcotics Cabinets

Must Have Features in Narcotics Cabinets

Every healthcare facility has expensive and valuable supplies that they need to keep secure. Oftentimes medications and other supplies used to treat patients are at the top of this list. It’s crucial that hospitals don’t let these supplies get into the wrong hands, and ensure that they are organized and labeled to keep track of the long list of medicines that they have. The best way to keep these essential supplies in order is with well-made, secure narcotics cabinets.

Narcotics cabinets are made specifically to keep expensive drugs, medicines, and other highly valuable supplies locked and secured when they are not being used. There are various regulations for the level of security required for narcotics cabinets based on jurisdictions, but they are all in place with one common goal: to keep medications in the right hands. There are many different narcotics cabinets on the market, but here are some must have features of good quality narcotics cabinets:

Durable Material construction:

The first feature of any quality narcotics cabinets is the material that it is made with. For top-of-the-line security and durability, it’s a smart idea to use steel or a material with similar properties. If a narcotics cabinet is made with a cheaper, less-durable material it simply won’t be as secure as its steel counterparts. All of Lakeside’s narcotics cabinets are made with powder-coated steel to ensure their strength and durability, as well as making the cabinets have an attractive finish.

Locking System:

Maybe the most important feature of narcotics cabinets, the locking system is crucial to ensure the security of its contents. There are many different types of locking systems out there, but you should choose what will be right for your facility. Lakeside offers both single and double key locking systems in the basic narcotics cabinets. Depending on the size of your facility, and the number of staff who will need access to the medications, a single or double key lock might be the perfect solution. For supplies that don’t need quite as much security, a single key lock might do the trick, but for high value medications a double key lock would be the better option in order to ensure that nobody is able to steal a single key and get access.

Lakeside also offers the High-Security Narcotics Cabinets that have two different locking system options available. The electronic keypad lock allows you to create a code from over 250 possible combinations and has a key override in case of emergencies or forgotten codes. These cabinets also come with a self-contained backup battery to ensure that the right people will never lose access to the supplies. Additionally, Lakeside offers optional full audit trail capabilities to allow you to see when the cabinets have been accessed and track what has been taken out.

The other lock option for our High-Security Narcotics Cabinets is a proximity card reader. With all the same optional and standard features as the electronic keypad, the proximity reader is another method of ensuring that the cabinets can only be opened by those with proper authority.

Double Doors:

Many narcotics cabinets feature double doors, each with their own lock to further secure the valuable contents. Lakeside’s basic narcotics cabinets are offered in the double door style, with both doors constructed from powder coated steel, which adds an extra level of security for facilities that want to be completely sure that nobody without proper access will be able to get to the medications.

Adjustable Shelving:

A good quality narcotics cabinet should be flexible. That’s why Lakeside’s narcotics cabinets feature adjustable shelves. Over time, what you need to store in secure spaces will likely change, and your facility should have a secure storage option that allows for this flexibility. Adjustable shelves allow you to switch around the contents when needed, as well as facilitate better organization which is crucial for these highly valuable medications.

Flexible Mounting System:

In addition to the flexibility of the adjustable shelves, Lakeside’s narcotics cabinets can also be mounted to allow the doors to open from either the left or right side. This means that the cabinets can work in any facility without having to struggle to get the supplies out. Left sided mounting is standard, but there are certain locations where this won’t work which is why our narcotics cabinets are made with flexibility in mind.


Narcotics cabinets are essential for healthcare facilities everywhere in order to protect the valuable medications. While there are many options on the market, it’s always smart to invest in high-quality cabinets that will last for a long time. Lakeside’s cabinets are designed to last for many years in your facility, and the flexibility that is standard in our narcotics cabinets allows for you to change things up as needed over time. Get in touch with us to learn more about how our narcotics cabinets can improve your facility’s security, and check out all of the options for our narcotics cabinets here!

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Are You Missing These Essential Elements in Your Case Carts?

Are you Missing these Essential Elements in your Case Cart?

Case carts are a very important piece of equipment for hospitals and other healthcare facilities with ORs.

They are the best way to transport sterile surgical equipment to the OR for procedures, and to bring it back out afterwards without risking contamination to nearby staff or patients.

Because of this, hospitals rely on case carts every day to be able to treat patients efficiently and effectively. While no two healthcare facilities are the same, why should they have to use the same equipment?

Case carts can be standardized, but at Lakeside, we offer tons of modifiable features and can even fully customize case carts to fit perfectly in your facility. Although most case carts on the market have their similarities, not all are high quality and packed full with great features.

Are you missing essential elements in your case carts?

The first differentiator in the quality of case carts is the material that is used to make it. Ideally, case carts should be all-welded stainless steel construction. Stainless steel is the material of choice for case carts because it makes them stronger, easier to clean and sanitize, and more resistant to corrosion and stains than any other common materials used in case carts.

Some other great elements of Lakeside case carts and their benefits include:

Hold Open Latch

This latch that is integrated into the carts holds the door open to allow for easier cleaning and restocking of supplies. Having a door keep closing while you’re trying to sanitize or stock a cart can be extremely frustrating, which is why Lakeside includes this simple latch to reduce unnecessary headaches for your staff.

Extended Push Handle

Case carts are intended to be mobile pieces of equipment, but without a solid handle it can be very difficult to maneuver them around a hospital. Lakeside’s case carts have an integrated extended push handle to ensure that they are easy to move around to different ORs in a facility.

Sealed Doors

The doors on Lakeside’s case carts seal completely shut in order to safeguard the contents against cross-contamination from outside factors.

Positive Door Latches

In addition to the hold open latch, Lakeside’s carts also feature positive door latched which secure the doors in the shut position to keep the contents safe and sterile during transport and storage.

Pull-Out Shelves

All case carts have shelves, but Lakeside’s feature pull out shelves equipped with a locking mechanism to make retrieval and stocking of the contents super easy. Additionally, there are three different shelving options available for all case carts: wire racks, solid stainless shelves, and perforated stainless shelves, which all have various benefits.

Innovative Floor Drain

Case carts are bound to collect some water during the cleaning process which is why Lakeside includes an innovative floor drain that direct water to the drain area. This simplifies the cleaning process by making sure you don’t have to spend extra time drying everything by hand.


Every well-made case cart should include a bumper in order to protect the walls and furniture around it. Lakeside’s non-marking bumpers work to perfection by protecting everything around the cart and adding some piece of mind that you won’t ruin any walls while transporting the cart.


Case carts are meant to be mobile, but they’re only as mobile as their casters allow. Lakeside uses maintenance-free stainless steel casters that are sturdy and durable allowing you to transport the supplies wherever they need to go with ease. Two of the casters have brake systems to make sure the carts stay in place during their use.


In addition to all of these essential features, there are also many optional choices and features for the carts to make them the perfect fit for any hospital. There are lots of cart sizes to choose from ranging from 39” to 64” tall, with 1 or 2-door options available.

One optional accessory is a dirty/clean indicator system to reduce confusion and make sure that all staff are on the same page. This system is super simple to use, but makes sure that you don’t waste time cleaning a cart that has already been sterilized or accidently stocking a dirty cart.

Another option that can be useful in large hospitals and healthcare facilities is the towing package. This includes an electric power tug which can be used to transport multiple stocked case carts at the same time without causing your staff to exert unnecessary energy. This also comes with heavy-duty towing casters and hitches that are very durable and make the system easy to use. This saves effort for your staff and allows them to focus on the patient rather than using all of their energy just to get the supplies where they are needed.

Other optional accessories include extra shelves to allow for additional supplies and simple stocking. Another option is a document holder to maintain organization throughout your facility. All accessories are able to be added with limited or no tools in the field, or at the facility before they are shipped for your convenience.

Case carts are a crucial part of many hospital operations, so it makes sense to invest in well-made, durable case carts that are designed just for your facility. Lakeside understands that your facility probably has different needs than others, which is why we’ll work with you to customize the perfect case carts for your hospital. Get in touch with us and together, we will find the perfect case cart design for your hospital!

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Anatomy of an Anesthesia Cart: Top Doctor-Requested Features

Choosing the Right Anesthesia Cart

It’s important for hospitals to remain organized in order to function to the best of their abilities and keep track of all the different patients with various ailments at the same time.

The best way for healthcare facilities to keep track of everything they have going on is to have the right equipment solutions in place in order to continue operating smoothly and efficiently. One specific area where having the right equipment is truly essential is anesthesia.

Anesthesia is a very important part of many operations in order to ensure the patient is comfortable and safe. There’s not always a lot of time to prepare and make sure that all of the supplies are where they need to be.

For instance, if a patient comes to a hospital in an ambulance and is in immediate need of surgery, staff won’t have much time to prepare an OR for them. This is why anesthesia carts are so crucial for hospitals to have ready to go at any time.

So how do you know that you have the right anesthesia cart for your facility?

Lakeside manufactures various styles of anesthesia carts to make sure that you can find the perfect fit for your hospital, and many features are modifiable to make sure it fits right in with your facility’s other equipment.

Classic Anesthesia Carts:

Lakeside’s Classic Anesthesia Carts are the a great option if you’re looking for a standard cart that will meet all of your needs. Additionally, the Classic line is highly customizable and comes in 23 standard colors to help maintain organization throughout your facility. An essential part of a well-made anesthesia cart is a locking system. Our Classic Carts come with a choice of electronic lock or proximity card reader which both have a key override for emergencies. It’s always smart to keep your anesthesia supplies locked to make sure that the appropriate staff are the only ones with access.

We offer various sizes of the Classic Anesthesia Cart, but all have customizable drawer and panel options to make sure your staff have quick and easy access to the supplies they need.

All models feature dual-wall construction and an outrigger stabilizing frame for top-of-the-line durability and to ensure stability while transporting the cart. To further aid in quick and easy transport of the cart, they are equipped with world-class 5” sealed bearing, non-marking casters and twin ergo push handles. Our classic line of anesthesia carts also features premium ball-bearing drawer glides for simple opening and closing of the drawers. We also offer a wide range of accessory packages to complete you anesthesia cart with everything you could need.

The Classic Anesthesia Carts have the following accessory kit options:

Standard: Includes utility hooks, trays, and drawer dividers.

Elite: Includes Trellis System, Tilt 5-bin unit, HD railing, Side Shelf, Waste Container and accessory bar bracket.

Ultimate: Includes all accessories in Elite kit plus tape dispenser, divided organizer with lid, catheter holder, tray with dividers and ampule holders, label holders, and a wire basket.

Preferred Anesthesia Carts:

The Preferred Anesthesia Carts offer the same level of flexibility, security, and organization as the Classic Carts, but also come with extra benefits. Mainly, the Preferred Anesthesia Carts are 20% lighter than the Classic models, making them easier to maneuver around a facility quickly and saving staff from unnecessary strain from moving around heavy loads. The Preferred models also have integrated twin ergo push handles, an outrigger stabilizing frame, and attractive 5” non-marking casters.

Adding accessories to any of our Preferred Carts is made simple by mounting them to the integrated extruded corners and accessory mounting panels on the sides and back of the carts. Another innovative feature of the Preferred models is two slide-out shelves which provide extra work surface and prep area. The Preferred Anesthesia Carts are also offered in 23 standard colors to ensure the attractive design works with your facility’s color scheme.

The Preferred Anesthesia Carts have the following accessory kit options:

Standard: Includes glove box holder, waste container, trays, and dividers.

Elite: Includes narrow single shelving unit, hanging bar, tilt 5-bin unit, and a sharps bracket in addition to the standard kit accessories.

Ultimate: Includes all of the elite kit accessories plus Trellis system, tilt 4-bin unit, tubular rail, tape dispenser, wire basket, waste container with touch top, and ampule holders.

Mini Tower Anesthesia Carts:

If your facility is in need of an anesthesia cart that won’t take up too much space then the Mini Tower Anesthesia Cart is the solution for you.

These models feature a slim profile and compact design to help save space at your facility. Although they may be slimmer, the Mini Tower Carts are just as durable as other models as they also feature dual-walled construction.

They also have quiet ball-bearing drawer glides for full extension drawer opening. Like our other anesthesia carts, these models also come in 23 standard color options and have plenty of accessories to make the perfect cart for your hospital.

Wide Anesthesia Cart:

Another option if you find that you’re running out of storage space, is the Wide Anesthesia Cart. This model adds the most value when you need a lot of storage space for your anesthesia supplies. The cart uses aluminum construction in order to reduce its weight. The Wide Anesthesia Cart comes with all of the same great features as the Classic models, but adds extra storage space so you don’t have to restock as frequently.

Accessory Options: All of our anesthesia carts have various accessory options available to add on to your order to personalize your cart and make sure it is the best solution for your facility.

Check out our Anesthesia Carts online for a comprehensive look at all of the customizable options! Get in touch to see how our Anesthesia Carts can help your facility function efficiently!