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2021 Round Up: Essential Case Cart Reads

Case Carts are used in hospitals to transport supplies across the facility. The main area where they are used is in transporting surgical instruments and supplies to and from the OR. Although it seems like their main function may be basic, case carts are extremely important in making sure that a hospital runs smoothly and efficiently. They save staff tons of hassle and stress and provide a simple way to transport these crucial surgical packs to the areas where they are needed. Here are some of the blogs from 2021 that highlight case carts!

1. Shelving Options: What's Best When It Comes to Case Carts?

You may think that case carts are standard across the board, but there’s many factors that set them apart from each other. One large differentiator between closed case carts is the type of shelving that is used inside of them. Lakeside Manufacturing offers the choice of stainless steel, perforated stainless steel, or wire racks for the shelving on closed case carts. All these shelving options have their own benefits.

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2. Best Equipment for Pharma and Medical Clean Rooms

Cleanrooms are used in many different industries including Pharmaceutical and Healthcare. These special rooms have extreme requirements for air quality and cleanliness, which means that the equipment used in these rooms must be on par with their standards. Lakeside manufactures various types of equipment that meet the regulatory standards and add value in these environments, including our closed case carts. In addition to our standard products, Lakeside Custom Solutions can engineer the perfect equipment to ensure the cleanliness in cleanrooms.

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3. How to Save Space in your Hospital

Something that a lot of hospitals have in common is the need or desire for more space. However, it’s extremely expensive to renovate a healthcare facility, and any delays to providing care for patients will add up quickly. Rather than renovate, hospitals should look to use the space they already have more efficiently. One way to utilize space better is to invest in versatile equipment like Lakeside’s case carts, which can be used in multiple ways and come in various sizes.

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4. Are You Missing These Essential Elements in Your Case Cart?

No hospital is the same as another, so why should they have the same equipment? Case carts come standard with many different features, but do your case carts have all the essentials? In this blog, we explore the different features of Lakeside’s case carts and how they make a classic design last in today’s healthcare environment. Case carts are very important to ensure that hospitals run smoothly, so you should make sure that you make the most of these valuable carts.

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5. Open or Closed Case Carts - What's Best for Your Facility?

The two main types of case carts are open style and closed style. Both types of case carts have their own benefits and can add value to a healthcare facility in different ways. Closed case carts provide an extra level of security for the surgical supplies that they transport, while open case carts provide extra visibility while moving supplies from one area to another. In this blog, we break down the various benefits to help you decide which type of case cart will be the most valuable for you.

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