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Why a SuzyQ Foodservice Cart Is the Best Option for Senior Community Foodservice (and How You Can Pay for It)

The SuzyQ Cart System empowers senior care community residents in meal decisions, but there are more reasons than that to go with SuzyQ!

This unique system is designed to eliminate many of the challenges faced in residential care dining rooms, both from the operator perspective and from the client’s.  Meals can be served hot or cold, and space for all the texture modifications and condiments are delivered right to each resident's table, allowing her to "self-determine" what she wants to eat.

There are many ways to bring the meal to the table, though, so why use the SuzyQ Cart System (video)?

Designed with both operators and residents in mind, the SuzyQ's stainless steel construction is durable and reliable.  With a wide range of laminate finishes to choose from, it can easily fit within the décor scheme of just about any dining room.  It also comes with Registered Dietitian support which includes education resources, webinar classes, email and phone support to ensure success!

The SuzyQ also holds a variety of insert pan sizes, has a built-in plate compartment, and has pull-out storage drawers on full-size units to accommodate two full-size insert pans.  Basically, they hold the capacity to deliver a wide variety of choices to residents.  Plus, individual controls for hot wells deliver food hot to residents.

So how can you quickly pay for a SuzyQ Cart System? Start with some of the benefits:


When residents have control over what they want to eat -- and how much of it -- food waste plummets immediately.  Considering we waste roughly 40 percent of our food supply, every little bit counts -- and saves thousands of dollars.


SuzyQ Carts bring meals right to the table allowing staff members to interact with residents.  This gives employees enjoyable, meaningful work resulting in increased retention levels.  And when operators don't have to constantly find, hire, and train new employees, they save money.


When all the back and forth trips are eliminated and staff members aren't running plates two at a time, enormous amounts of time are saved making labor usage more efficient and impactful.  And, yes, time is money.


The people who live within the community walls are the ones paying to be there.  People talk.  Potential residents read reviews.  So when residents are "wowed" by the foodservice component of their day-to-day lives -- and foodservice is a driving factor in overall review scores -- it becomes a marketing tool, courting future residents as well.


When you add all these things up -- actually, when you take the savings on food waste alone -- a SuzyQ Cart System can pay for itself very quickly, usually in a few short months.

We invite you to learn more.  Spend some time in a free, one-on-one webinar with the creator of the SuzyQ, Suzanne Quiring. Suzanne is a Registered Dietitian specializing in residential care communities, and she'd love to share her knowledge on how SuzyQ is working in hundreds of homes.

Suzanne Quiring, RD

To set up a free one-on-one webinar with Suzanne Quiring to explore how her SuzyQ Cart System can help improve your senior care community dining program, simply fill out the form to the right and she'll follow-up with you in person to schedule a time to get together.