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The Top 2022 Trends for Hospitality and Catering

We’re only a few short weeks into the New Year, so it’s a great time to look ahead for the hospitality and catering industries, two segments that have been impacted by the last two years of challenges. But while 2020 and 2021 have been largely focused on ways to pivot to preserve relevance, 2022 will see a return to more pre-pandemic habits with weddings being a driving force.

According to Hospitality Net, hotels and catering businesses can expect a grand return to weddings as compared to previous years, with the number totaling more than 2.5 million. When comparing to previous years, 2021 saw a total of under 2 million, while The Washington Post reported that nearly half of all weddings were postponed in 2020.

The return of the wedding business is great news for caterers and hotels alike, and according to Hospitality Net, there are a few things to consider when developing packages to help entice guests and planners.


Make sure guidelines are in place as they relate to masking, distancing, and vaccinations. It’s also important to refine all booking and cancellation policies that could be impacted. In terms of the event itself, outside weddings rose in popularity during the pandemic, and this will likely remain the case for the foreseeable future. Organizations that can handle this trend operationally will be better positioned for more business.


From mid-week weddings to the time of day in which weddings are held, it’s important to provide flexibility for today’s guests and planners. As mentioned above, flexibility can also mean where on the property weddings are held. Instead of inside the ballroom, providing access to the lawn is an important option. Likewise, weddings and events are more likely than ever to be smaller, so consider a reduced headcount as part of flexibility.


From the ingredients needed to create a great wedding menu to the equipment required to serve it, now is a great time to reach out to vendors and confirm any potential issues with the supply chain. Not only are labor and shipping interruptions causing delays, but some businesses may not have made it through the pandemic. To begin the year, it’s a great idea to confirm and shore up those relationships.

Are you prepared for the increase in weddings in 2022?

When reviewing the three areas of focus above, one way to prepare for the increase in weddings in 2022 is to ensure you’re prepared operationally. From the need to move wedding and reception locations across the property to the long lead times so many are facing in terms of foodservice equipment, consider upgrading serving solutions before the summer wedding rush is in full force.

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