Webinar: Senior Care Meal Delivery in the Age of COVID-19

Providing great meal Service during COVID-19 crisis when dining rooms can't be used - solutions for Health Care communities

This webinar will provide a review of COVID19 and what we as Food Service professionals need to lean into during this national crisis.  Topics covered will include

  1.     Infection control
  2.     Good food handling techniques
  3.     Sanitation
  4.     Staff communication
  5.     Practical ideas on providing meal service when a dining room can't be used
  6.     Resources to support your leadership role needs during this uncertain time

Speaker: Suzanne Quiring is a Registered Dietitian both in Canada and USA. She is a member of Dietitians of Canada, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Dietetics in Health Care Communities, CSNM and ANFP, and has her Continuinng Care Administration qualifications. She has 25+ years experience in the Long Term Care industry as Director of Food Services, Dietitian, and consultant. Suzanne has personally worked in all areas of Residential Care, and assisted over 800+ communities through North America with improving the dining experience through person centered care. She is the inventor of the SuzyQ carts (reg & mini) and has been support communities for 20+ years with person centered dining. She has an appreciation as to the practical and real challenges of providing great meal service to residents, and leans on evidence-based science to guide her professional practice. The hope of the webinar is to provide support and encouragement to food service professionals during this COVID19 crisis.