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Serving Trays and Flatware in the Same Unit Just Got Easier

Tray Dispenser Multi-Function

Pretend you’re a student in a college dining hall or a doctor in a hospital cafeteria for a second. You’re hungry. You’re probably short on time. And you’re probably not quite sure, at this point, what you will select for lunch. You grab a tray from the tray dispenser, and then you grab a fork and knife.

Let’s repeat that. You grab a tray from the tray dispenser, and then you grab a fork and knife.

The reality is trays and flatware go hand in hand. There are practically zero scenarios in which a diner will grab a tray without grabbing silverware, so for the operators serving those customers, it seems quite simple to consider foodservice equipment that will conveniently provide dining trays and flatware in the same location.

That’s exactly what Lakeside provides with their line of mobile tray dispensers that are also designed to serve as silverware carts.  By combining silverware and tray storage, operators can create a centralized location where guests can begin their dining experiences, and there are several different options to choose from.

Two-Sided Enclosed Frame

The Lakeside 403 two-sided enclosed frame can hold 10 flatware cylinders above a storage area for trays. Trays can be loaded or removed from either side, and the stainless steel design provides both clean aesthetics and durability that will stand up to the rigors of moving trays and silverware from the back of the house to the cafeteria serving line.

Mobile Tray and Silverware Dispenser

The Lakeside 986 mobile tray dispenser with silverware dispenser is similar to the 403 model, but it has a slightly smaller footprint. Slots are included for eight silverware cylinders, and trays are loaded and unloaded from the sides rather than the front and back. Like the 403, though, units can easily roll from the warewashing room to the serving line and back, making these units compact and convenient.

Tubular Flatware Frame

The Lakeside 213 tubular flatware frame has a 10-cylinder capacity above. Below the silverware storage area, the tray dispensing section of the unit allows for access from all four directions, making it a bit different than the other options listed above. Built for continuous use, the 213 has a load capacity of 400 pounds holding trays of various sizes.

Learn more about the convenience of combining tray and silverware storage and dispensing in the same unit. Check out our line of tray dispensers today.