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Improving the Guest Experience with Beverage and Food Stations

hydration and nutrition stations

No matter what type of foodservice setting, one of the most desired factors that customers look for when consuming foods and beverages is the idea of convenience. Making things accessible is a great way to leave an impression that will enhance the reputation of the overall operation and lead to return visits, and beverage and food stations are an easy way to achieve these goals.

Here are a few scenarios to consider when looking to enhance the guest experience in hotels, convention centers, and even in corporate dining applications:

Everyone Loves Coffee

In pretty much every sector of the global economy, employers are looking at deficits in attracting and maintaining staffing. This is true in foodservice, and it’s also true in the corporate world where the labor force is currently coming back into the workplace and into the office. So how can corporations entice people to not only work for them but to do so in the office? By making the workplace more enjoyable and more convenient.

Consider coffee stations placed strategically around the office. People always appreciate access to coffee, and employers gain the benefits of a caffeinated workforce that benefits from the points of inter-office interaction created by self-serve coffee stations.

hydration and nutrition station

Starting the Day with OJ

Today’s hotel and resort industry faces many challenges. As we mentioned, staffing is certainly one of the issues that many hotel companies are facing. At the same time, guests are also looking at home-stay options like VRBO and Airbnb to satisfy their vacation and accommodation needs. This means it’s important for hotel operators to go out of their way to make guests feel welcome with hospitality-driven initiatives while reducing the burdens placed on staff.

Consider morning juice stations to add that extra level of hospitality. With a self-serve juice bar, minimal staffing is required to add a high-value benefit for hotel and resort guests. After all, everyone should start the day with a glass of OJ.

Provide Brain Food

As the world emerges from the pandemic, we’re seeing a return to pre-pandemic events like conventions and conferences, two important profit-makers for resorts, hotels, and convention centers. Again, there are also labor challenges that go with this return to normal, so the more services an operator can provide while using the least amount of labor possible, the better the results for the operation.

Consider a self-serve snack service for attendees at conferences and conventions. With a nutrition station strategically placed amongst the conference rooms, guests can get much-needed nourishment without the need to overuse hotel or convention center staff.

Enhance the Guest Experience Using Hydration and Nutrition Carts from Lakeside

Self-serve hydration and nutrition stations from Lakeside are designed to move from one location to another, easing the burdens on staff while providing high-value benefits for guests. Units are designed to fit within a wide range of aesthetics and décors, making their placement in just about any area of a hotel lobby or convention center common area eye-pleasing and easy.

There are many hidden benefits to hydration and nutrition stations, and whether you're using a self-serve station or a full-serve station, Lakeside can help. Take a look at the full range of Lakeside hydration and nutrition carts today.